Bandage bandage

Bandage bandage


Elastic bandage

Self-fixing tattoo bandage, sticks to itself, does not stick to skin or hair.

Comfortable, breathable material, easily self-fastens with simple pressure at the point of fixation.

Elastic bandage provides reliable compression for a long time.

When fixing the compress on a fresh tattoo, it reliably holds absorbent bandages.

Provides reliable fixation and compression without displacement of layers relative to each other.


Apply an absorbent diaper with a caring composition to the fresh tattoo.

Secure the absorbent diaper with a self-fastening bandage, wrapping it with minimal tension, slightly overlapping the previous layer.

To secure the edge of the elastic bandage, close it to the previous layer by simply pressing the palm of your hand with slight pressure.


When fixing the absorbent bandage on a fresh tattoo, do not tighten the bandage too much, this can create strong compression when the fresh tattoo swells.

Do not wrap fresh tattoos without absorbent diapers with a bandage!

Self-fastening elastic bandage does not leave sticky marks on any surfaces of tattoo machines.

Dampens vibration and gives the tattoo holder a softer surface and a stronger hold in the hand.

The bandage is easily torn in two directions without scissors, and can be easily torn off in the required place.

Wrap the tattoo holder with an elastic band with slight tension to increase the grip width.

The bandage is individually packaged for clean, single use of each roll.


Wrap a sterilizable or disposable tattoo machine holder with a bandage to the required diameter; the more layers of elastic bandage, the more intense the vibration of a working tattoo machine is damped. For strong hold, wrap the first two layers with maximum tension. The weaker the tension of the bandage, the softer the fixation with the fingers.

Fix the barrier protection on the reusable tattoo machine holder of the Pen form factor, wrap the bandage over the barrier protection to the required diameter.

For one-time use.


A bandage is not a means of barrier protection!

The material allows air and moisture to pass through it, be careful! Seal non-sterilizable reusable tattoo machine holders with barrier protection before wrapping the bandage.

Length 4.5 meters.

Width 2.5 cm.

Color: Pink, Black, Blue, Beige

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