Tattoo paint

Tattoo paint


Allegory Ink ULTRA BLAK

60ml – 2999

240ml – 5999


Allegory Ink ULTRA BLAK is still the same well-proven black tattoo ink Allegory BLAK, but now in its most concentrated form at the moment. ULTRA black was created specifically for those who wanted even blacker! The new rich black tattoo ink is produced to the highest quality standards. Tattoo pigment is bottled in high-quality neutral containers and each jar is sealed using industrial equipment. The paint is ideal for clear lines, shadow work, dense shading and creating deep black tones. The latest concentrated formula provides incomparably smooth and long-lasting coverage. Allegory Ultra BLAK is created for artists who strive to reach new heights in their work. The rich black color of the paint will help express all the brightest ideas.

What is especially relevant for our homeland is that Allegory Ink does not lose its qualities when frozen, so the paint can be sent without fear for quality at any temperature. Masters from the USA and Canada have already tried out the new premium version and truly appreciated it, and we are looking forward to feedback from our dear customers. Especially menial work for you!

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