Healing film for tattoos

Healing film for tattoos





(5 cm X 1m) = 199 rub.

For 10 cm 19 rub.

(10 cm X 1 m) = 299

For 10 cm 29 rub.

(15 cm x 1 m) = 399 rubles

For 10 cm 39 rubles

(20 cm x 1 m) =499 RUR

For 10 cm 49 RUR

Self-fixing transparent film, the use of which is the best method for healing fresh tattoos.

The film has many advantages, but, first of all, it reliably protects the tattoo from infection, moisture and external contaminants. The film is breathable, but at the same time a microbial and waterproof bandage, which serves as reliable protection against the penetration of microorganisms, without having a negative effect on skin respiration, preventing irritation around the tattoo.

Micropores ensure natural vapor permeability of tattooed skin. Maintains a favorable environment during healing. Reduces the likelihood of scarring. Thin and elastic, does not restrict movement. Due to the use of hypoallergenic glue, it does not cause additional irritation and can be used by clients with sensitive skin and a tendency to allergic reactions. Despite the reliable adhesive ability, the removal of the film is painless and does not lead to damage to the newly formed epithelium. Thanks to the transparency of the bandage, both the patient and the tattoo artist can easily observe the condition of the fresh tattoo. Thanks to the waterproofness of the bandage, the patient can shower with the film, thereby facilitating daily body hygiene.


  • Easy to use
  • No need for daily dressing
  • You can take a shower
  • You can take a shower
  • Impermeable to bacteria
  • Permits water vapor and oxygen
  • Waterproof
  • Transparent
  • Elastic
  • Tear-resistant
  • Not electrified

To achieve the highest quality healing, you must follow the simple recommendations that I will give below:

  • The film is glued ONLY TO A FRESH TATTOO!!! It is STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED to apply film to a tattoo made 1-2-3, etc. days ago.
  • The film only sticks to SMOOTHLY SHAVED skin. It will not stick to your hair, and the peeling process will bring you many amazing sensations.
  • The film is glued with about 3-4 cm extending beyond the tattoo.
  • If the film is not enough to cover the area of the tattoo, then we overlap each other by 1.5-2 cm.


  1. We thoroughly wash the tattoo. You can use glycerin soap (such as green soap).
  2. Wipe dry. Make sure the skin around the tattoo is clean and dry.
  3. Cut the film to the required length (the size of the film should be larger than the size of the tattoo)
  4. Glue the film following the recommendations above. The first application lasts from 12 to 24 hours. During this time, liquid will accumulate under the film - ichor, this is absolutely normal.
  5. Carefully remove the film after the first application. We wipe, wash with soap, wipe, stick a second time, similar to the first. We wear from 2 to 5 days.
  6. Carefully remove the film. For another 7 days we moisturize the tattoo with any high-quality care cream.
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