Transfer paper

Transfer paper



Transfer sheet Spirit A4 TA-101AA for manual transfer of a tattoo design. Thanks to a particularly rich color layer. You don't need to press hard when drawing the outline of the design. The transferred contour is particularly bright and resistant to abrasion by washing liquid of any composition.

Method of application:

  1. We remove the first sheet, which looks like tracing paper, as unnecessary. The yellow sheet should be on the bottom.
  2. The drawing you need is placed under the second sheet of tracing paper and what you need is outlined with a transfer pencil.
  3. The source from the tracing paper is applied to the client’s skin, previously coated with gel or Dettol. Another copy remains on the yellow sheet, which serves as a sample for comparison or remains for a long memory.

Material: special paper.

Size: 31.5x22x2.5 cm

Cost per sheet

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Transfer paper - 1 pc.
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