Vaseline oil

Vaseline oil



OIL — An innovative product from Tattoo Revive, replacing Vaseline ointments!

OIL — A composition of vegetable and mineral oils with berry extracts and emollients, which guarantees the tattoo artist comfortable work with the skin, maintaining it in perfect condition throughout the entire tattoo session, no matter how long it may be!

The consistency is ointment-like, not liquid. Upon contact with the skin, it melts into a dense oily layer, creating a protective barrier and excellent glide.


  • Creates a barrier sliding layer on the tattooed surface
  • Prevents ink from spreading over the tattoo while working
  • Reduces skin irritation when removing excess ink
  • Does not restrict hand movement when sliding over the surface of the skin
  • Maintaining skin elasticity reduces the possibility of injury
  • Maintains the microenvironment of the epidermis in optimal condition
  • Volume: 250 ml.
  • Manufacturer: Tattoo Revive (Russia)
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